sales correspondence (1)

                                                                                                                                                          23 November 2018

Dear Mr Sarsfield and Mr Ellis,


I write on behalf of the Victoria Park Community Association to follow up our letter of 10 October in which we raised our objections to the planned auctions of keyworker homes in our neighbourhood. The position as we understand it from letters to tenants and political representatives is that Peabody has withdrawn 38 Gore Road from sale permanently and is reviewing the decision to sell the other two homes in Robinson Road and Old Ford Road. As you do so I would like to make you aware that the Residents’ Association has sought and received (at our own expense) preliminary legal advice to the effect that Peabody may be in breach of the provision of the 2011 Nominations Agreement with the Crown Estate that requires it to maintain 9 out of 10 new lets to keyworkers. This advice is based on the Nominations Agreement itself and an analysis of the annual returns Peabody made to the Crown Estate for the years 2011/12 to 2015/16. We also have further questions arising from the reply that Mr Ellis has sent to those who have written objecting to the proposed sales. In particular, why disposals of Peabody stock have disproportionately affected the Victoria Park estate, and what precisely the characteristics of these particular homes are that make them (as is claimed) unsuitable for re-let to keyworkers. Once again we urge Peabody to rethink its approach and respond adequately to our concerns.

Yours sincerely

Joannie Andrews and Madeleine Davis

Chair and Vice Chair of the Victoria Park Community Residents Association

Cc Meg Hillier, Rushanara Ali, Mayor John Biggs, Mayor Philip Glanville, councillors