Present – Joannie Andrews (JA) Chair, Madeleine Davis(MD) Vice Chair, Mike Lordan(ML) Treasurer, Brigette Barker(BB), Christine Chaffin(CC),Mark Guthrie(MG)Sandra McLeod(SML), Kevin O’Neill(KON),Rosie Walker(RW), Andrew Westcott(AW) and Nik Wood(NW) and eleven residents

Apologies – Philip Attwood, Cyril Duff, Norma Francis, Tom McGoldrick, Sheila Parkin, Victoria hay, John & Jill Horwood, Sonia Richie and Jenny Thomas.

Minutes of April Committee meeting – Agreed Morpeth Road JA reported further delay in getting a Peabody presentation of the development. JA to seek plans and elevations for display. JA and AW reported clearance developments and continued problems. AW/JA to contact Peabody and Council. Neighbourhood Management JA reported the precipitate replacement of Peter Mitchell by two NMs, splitting our estate in two. JA to seek a meeting with the new NMs. Sales JA reported the successful transfer of 17 Robinson Road. Special thanks were recorded to Lesley Lordan and Sheila Parkin. Peabody had once again put 294A Old Ford Road up for auction. Action to continue. Further correspondence with Peabody and media contacts to be prepared.

Treasurer’s Report ML reported that no expenditure had been made during the month resulting in a balance of £5,238.35. Mary Pimm to investigate an Association subscription to Inside Housing.

Christchurch MG reported that – 1 the drain etc survey was under way 2 the tree pruning firm had been changed 3 he was holding a meeting of residents to discuss unsupervised children’s activities. The gate across Pennethorne Close footpath wasn’t functioning properly. MG to investigate.

Issue South of The Park KON reported that 234 Old Ford Road appeared to be occupied. Externals Programme Tenants reported concerns at use of gardens for storage, poor workmanship, disruption and detritus, disputed standards and scaffolding brackets left attached. 1 MD had raised a formal complaint and urged others to do the same. 2 JA and NW would investigate planning and other legal issues. 3 JA and NW to write to Peabody again about compensation.

Stock Condition Survey Which homes were still to be surveyed after Savills’ had been replaced was unclear. NW and JA to seek clarification.

Hackney to I O D Cycleway Concern expressed at the misunderstanding revealed by this short timescale consultation, especially parking and traffic displacement in Gore Road. ML and Lesley Lordan to co-ordinate our input.

Key Worker Letting JA, MD and NW to contact participants in the system trial and to prepare a brief for a meeting with Peabody on our concerns.

Community Centre CC reported that there was a continuing programme of activities, that a copier had been bought and that a coach trip was still being organised. There was a balance of £21,033 in the Centre accounts.

Events JA drew attention to the All Points East flyer JA advertised Prideaux House’s [details] Kevin O’Neill Kevin’s long awaited move to his new home had at last happened and he was thanks for all his work on our behalf during his time with us.