Present – Joannie Andrews (JA) Chair, Mike Lordan(ML) Treasurer, Brigette Barker(BB), Cyril Duff(CD), Norma Francis(NF), Sandra McLeod(SML), Rosie Walker(RW), Andrew Westcott(AW) and Nik Wood(NW) and twenty residents Apologies – Philip Attwood, Madeleine Davis, Mark Guthrie, Deirdre Malyn, Rowena Macdonald, Tom McGoldrick and Sheila Parkin Minutes of February Committee meeting – Agreed

Matters Arising NW reported that communal cleaning had been re-organised and a new system would start on 1 April, subject to Peter Mitchell providing keys.

Treasurer’s Report ML reported that no transactions had been undertaken in February, the balance unchanged at £5,428.95. Printing and subs-income would be reported for March.

Morpeth Road re-development JA reported that Peabody’s delay in letting the contract meant that the presentation would be at May’s general meeting. Parkside and others affected would be invited. Plans and tenure details to be sought. It was agreed that AW would write to Peabody about interim measures to prevent fly tipping.

Items North & South of The Park  – 1 The need for Peabody to provide welfare and care for elderly and infirm tenants was re-iterated. 2 NW confirmed that he and Madeleine Davis had confirmed with Peabody that the Savills’ survey was not a valuation but a basis for planned maintenance. Despite Peabody’s coverage claims some addresses had not been given to the surveyor. NW to write to Peabody. 3 Concern was expressed at the wording of Tamara Degrassi’s statement of repairs responsibilities. NW to write to Peabody. 4 There were reports of works to short-term voids had been inadequate. NW to contact tenants and Peabody. 5 RW reported that the bike hangar on Christchurch had at last been repaired. She and Dodie Wheppler were thanked for their hard work. Peabody had proved incapable of processing rent payments. It was agreed that the Association would make interim holding arrangements for payments until this was sorted out. 6 NW reported that the scaffolding at 234 Old Ford Road had been removed and no further concerns had been raised with him by tenants. 7 Appointment keeping by AJS for electrics, T Brown for gas and Vinci for externals was a widespread problem, made worse by letters threatening legal enforcement action when tenants had tried to agree arrangements. NW to provide advice and copies of correspondence.

Externals programme A wide ranging discussion covered the issues of the lack of tradesmen relative to the extent of intrusive scaffolding, workmanship concerns and the lack of timescale information. JA reported that Peabody had mistaken her latest letter seeking compensation for a personal complaint. She and NW would follow up and advise tenants on any claim procedures.

Sales JA reported the action taken to date. Bruce Rowling and Sheila Parkin were thanked for their hard work. A wide ranging discussion followed. Neither Sarsfield nor Kerslake had replied to us, delegating an unhelpful reply. Press coverage had not been successful. The next steps would be considered in association with Millbank and wider housing association contacts.

Any Other Business 1 The March Newsletter had faced some production problems. The team thanks for their hard work. 2 The keyworker letting and rent setting meeting at Peabody HQ had been about the IT system. Leila and Maurean from here were among volunteers to test it. NW to continue to investigate the concerns we expressed in October plus rumours of short term tenancies.