Committee Meeting September 2019

Committee Meeting 19 September 2019

Present – Joanie Andrews(JA), Chair, Mike Lordan(ML) Treasurer, Bridgette Barker (BB) Cyril Duff(CD, Ann Duff(AD),)Norma Francis(NF), Mark Guthrie(MG), Andrew Westcott(AW) & Nik Wood(NW) and Simon Pearce(SP) from The Strategy & Policy Committee Apologies for absence- Philip Attwood, Christine Chaffin, Madeleine Davis, Sandra Macleod, Tom McGoldrick & Rosie Walker.

STRATEGY & POLICY COMMITTEE SP introduced the S & P Committee as one where policy initiatives from Peabody were assessed by 12 residents’ representatives like himself. The following points were made in discussion – 1 Committee members could also raise agenda items, 2 input from residents’ associations to the residents’ reps was welcome, 3 the Committee was not a forum to take up complaints, 4 the role and disruption of Neighbourhood Managers, the complaints system and the repairs service were already on the Committee agenda and examples would bewelcome.

BRICKS & MORTAR AW had written to Sarsfield and Kerslake about the problem with the Externals Programme by way of his own experience. AGREED that he would continue to lead on it. Michael Dowling had attended the August Drop In unannounced and would attend the Oct one. AGREED this should be advertised.

MINUTES OF JULY GENERAL MEETING Peabody suggested amendments were not accepted. AGREED, NW to type up and circulate. CHRISTCHURCH 1 The water and drainage works estimates from Lamberts were being scrutinised. Works were scheduled for Summer 2020. 2 The retaining wall in St Agnes Close had been damaged by traffic again. Repairs were being investigated. 3 The meeting between neighbours about children’s play in Christchurch Square seemed to have been a success. 4 Dodie Whepler Grogan and Rosie Walker were warmly thanked for their work on the provision, maintenance and rental of the bike hangars.

COMMUNITY CENTRE Rosie Walker and Cyril Duff were warmly thanked for their work that made the coach trip outing such a success.

TREASURER’S REPORT 1 ML’s reports for July and August showed only one transaction, income of £72, resulting in a balance of £4,982.35 2 After discussion it was AGREED that NW and Mary Pimm would finalise a single year’s subscription to Inside Housing at a cost of £206, the widest electronic access and print access at 5 Gore Road.


1 Sales – S & P Committee paper showed faults by Peabody. AGREED NW to draft for JA to write to CEO.

2 Victoria Park Sunday market – No progress to report

3 Grove Road cycle way closure – No progress to report

4 Morpeth Road. AGREED NW to draft for JA a request for details of the grants mentions by Teigan Augustus in his e-mail to Penny Wrout.

5 Gutter clearance – In response to BB it was AGREED AW would take it up with Peabody and Vinci as part of the Externals Programme.

6 Well Street Common Neighbourhood Pilot – NF and NW reported the meeting. AGREED NW to write newsletter item.

7 Newsletter – JA & NW to liase with CD and Sandra Macleod. Simon Pearce thanked for his attendance and help.