Committee Meeting November 2019

Committee Meeting 21 November 2019

Present – Joanie Andrews(JA), Chair, Mike Lordan(ML), Treasurer, Cyril Duff(CD), Eddie Edwards(EE). Chris Fisher(CF), Norma Francis(NF), Mark Guthrie(MG), Tom McGoldrick(TMG), Sandra Mcleod(SML), Rosie Walker(RW), & Nik Wood(NW)

Apologies for absence- Philip Attwood, Bridgette Barker, Vic Belcher, Madeleine Davis & Andrew Westcott Minutes of General Meeting of 17 October – agreed Matters Arising The Hackney solar power scheme was now closed.

Bricks & Mortar 1 Repairs contract NW had circulated Peabody’s Autumn Newsletter giving details of the changed contracts. agreed to post it on our website and NW to include a brief note in a December newsletter. 2 Externals programme NW had circulated Peabody’s 29 October e-mail. agreed it was unsatisfactory, that JA and NW should seek a meeting before the works finished and NW to include a brief item in the next newsletter. 3 Communal Cleaning & Caretaking NW had circulated Peabody’s 22 October e-mail and job specification. agreed to post both on our website and NW to include a brief item in next newsletter.

Christchurch MG reported that the drainage etc contract was out to tender. MG reported that ad hoc repairs to lights, bollards etc were being done. [MG sought info on Peabody funds for gardening ]

Community Centre RW & NF reported that East London Cares, Children With Voices and Cordwainers Grow were all now using the Centre. RW & NF reported that a Christmas Coffee Morning was planned for 17 December and a Christmas Social for 21 December. RW & NF reported that Christmas hampers were being prepared and contributions sought. RW & NF Reported that the Wellbeing sessions were being expanded.

Treasurer’s Report ML had provided a written report. Income was mostly coach trip money. Outgoings were Inside Housing subscription, newsletter printing and hall hire. Cash was held for the Christchurch cycle hangar rental scheme. Final balance was £4,895.85. Report was agreed It was agreed that ML should write to the Community Centre Sub-Committee asking for a full report of the centre’s financial position to the AGM.

North & South Items TMG reported that Wates were doing repairs in Tower Hamlets. agreed to monitor. EE, CF & NF reported garden and refuse collection issues arising from Morpeth Road. agreed that CF would write to Teigan Augustus at Peabody about gardens.

Any Other Business 1 RW proposed the following dates for 2020’s meetings General Meetings – 16 January, 19 March, 21 May, 16 July & 15 October. May & October to be in St James The Less the others in the Community Centre Committee Meetings – 20 February, 16 April, 18 June, 17 September & 19 November all in he Community Centre. agreed. Details to be in January’s Newsletter and on website. RW warmly thanked. 2 JA reported that she would be meeting our two new Neighbourhood Managers at 11 am on Thursday 28 November. 3 JA reported the reply she had received from Philip Glanville about Hackney’s protocol for dealing with proposed sales by housing associations. JA reported the impact of that protocol on grants for the Morpeth Road development. 4 JA had circulated a reply from Councillor Penny Wrout about the Hackney part of the proposed cycle route. After discussion it was agreed that ML would reply and invite Councillor Wrout to our February meeting. 5 TMG reported parking permit problems in Tower Hamlets. agreed TMG to monitor. 6 SML reported she was attending a London Tenants’ Federation meeting on 23 November. 7 NW reported muddled communications about Peabody drop in events. agreed NW to circulate to committee.