Committee Meeting 21 February 2019

Committee Meeting 21 February 2019

Present – Joanie Andrews(JA), Chair, Philip Attwood(PA), Bridgette Barker(BB), Christine Chaffin(CC), Cyril Duff(CD), Norma Francis(NF), Mark Guthrie(MG), Sandra Mcleod(SML), & Nik Wood(NW) Apologies for absence- Madeleine Davis, Mike Lordan, Rosie Walker & Andrew Westcott

Minutes of 15 November meeting – Agreed

Matters arising Key Worker Letting The letter to Peabody had been drafted but overtaken by a meeting at Peabody on 29 Jan which had turned out to be only about the computerised system. Maurean Austin and Leila Zabiri had volunteered to participate in testing it. Agreed NW to update the draft letter for JA to send. Peabody Report Agreed JA to report our disappointment at the absence of anybody.

Bricks & Mortar

234 Old Ford Road NW reported his failure to write. Agreed NW to write to developer. Communal Cleaning No further information available on the replacement of contractors by cleaner/caretaker. Agreed NW to write to Peabody.

69 Gore Road. Holding replies received from Peabody to letters arsing from AGM report. Agreed NW to chase.

Repairs advice NW reported more tenants taking matters up themselves. Agreed NW to do bits for Newsletter giving advice.

Christchurch Estate MG reported that he was to attend a 7 March meeting about the major and drainage works to discuss re-tendering for part and the scheduling of the funding. MG & CC reported that damage to the retaining wall outside St Agnes Close and their efforts to resolve it. MG reported that the bike hangar had in St Agnes at last been repaired. Thanks were expressed to Dodie Wheppler and Rosie Walker. MG reported the failure of Peabody to report the outcome of last year’s parking consultation. Agreed MG to write to Peter Mitchell

MG reported that the Sub Committee was seeking input to the accounts and planning process at Lamberts. Community Centre PA reported that the programme of events continued to progress. PA sought agreement to an outing being organised for The Summer Agreed PA reported that a charity had asked to use our office space, payment in lieu in the form of administrative assistance. Agreed

cc reported that the collection box for St Joseph’s Hospice had produced a donation of £1,000.

Treasurer’s Report ML had provided a written report showing expenditure of £96 on printing, subscription in of £24, leaving a balance of £5,428.95. A reminder about subscriptions to be included in the Newsletter Agreed

Reimbursement to Bruce Rowling for his sales campaign artwork Agreed North & South Items JA urged recruitment of active committee members from Tower Hamlets side. Meeting schedule Rosie Walker thanked for preparing and circulating the list.

Sales 99 Gore Road and 294A Old Ford Road had failed to make reserve at auction. Agreed

to await reply to NW’s e-mail to Kerslake of 18 February. Agreed JA to raise Tower Hamlets’ interaction with Peabody with mayor Biggs. Agreed to continue campaigning by way of demonstrative presences at auctions and on viewing days and using all media contacts we have. Agreed to express thanks to Sheila Parkin and Bruce Rowling.

Externals Programme

NW had circulated Zahed Hussain’s e-mail of 20 February. Agreed NW to pursue outstanding issues.

Widespread concern at the lack of tradesmen active on the intrusive scaffolding and potential damage to fabric by scaffolding mountings. Agreed NW to update letter for JA to reply to Peabody’s refusal of compensation.

Morpeth Road re-development . JA reported that Peabody’s Simon Masters would be at the 21 March general meeting. He had been asked to provide posters giving details for the garage doors so that Parkside residents and Lauriston School parents could attend as well. Skips were not being provided. Any possessions left in the garages would be disposed of by the contractor. A O B Newsletter copy to be in by 1st week in March.

Tom McGoldrick to train NW on using the website.