Present – Joanie Andrews(JA) Chair, Madeleine Davis(MD) Vice Chair, Mike Lordan(ML) Treasurer, Philip Attwood(PA), Bridgette Barker(BB), Cyril Duff(CD), Tom McGoldrick(TMG),Sandra Mcleod(SML), Rosie Walker(RW)& Nik Wood(NW)

Apologies for absence– Mark Guthrie

Minutes of 19 July General Meeting – Subject to a number of corrections – AGREED.

Matters Arising

  1. The issues of mortgages, Rental Exchange and the leak of personal data by Peabody regarding a bond issue to be pursued with CEO. NW to draft.
  2. JA and ML had been chasing Peabody about inadequate security for a void home without success.
  3. NW had raised the garden wall to 240 Old Ford Road without success.
  4. The inadequacies of Peabody Direct and the resistance of HQ to any other communications to be taken up with CEO by JA.

Bricks & Mortar

  1. Externals programme. Peabody unresponsive to our request for a meeting. Scaffolding appearing across South of The Park with inconsistent reports of letters to tenants. JA and NW to chase.
  2. Communal Cleaning. Peabody’s Steve Mercer had reported progress delayed by HQ reorganisation. Future accommodation needs in 5 Gore Road and cleaning of Community Centre to be chased by NW.
  3. 234 Old Ford Road. Developer in contact with NW. Work to resume soon.
  4. 26/27 Gore Road garden fence. After vigorous effort by tenant this has eventually been repaired by Peabody.

NW to continue to pursue tenant/landlord split on this, door keys, letterboxes and foxes as Tenant Handbook consultation proceeds.

  1. Morpeth Road. Peabody have offered a meeting. JA & NW to take up.

Community Centre

  1. Bric a brac sale scheduled for 22 September
  2. Well Being sessions to be more often and price increased.
  3. The next coffee morning will be a McMillan Nurses fundraiser.
  4. Christmas social, 21 Dec, and Albert Hall carol service trip, 23 Dec.
  5. Possible Bonfire Night event co-ordinated with Victoria Park fireworks.
  6. BB & NW to investigate provision of a printer/photocopier.
  7. Volunteers to help with events to be sought again.
  8. PA, MD & SML to seek details of nearby community organisations with the aim of liaison.
  9. The Newsletter would be reduced to bi-monthly to go with the general Association editions.
  10. The Centre Account remains at c£23K in credit.

Treasurer’s Report

ML’s written report showed only one transaction in the period and a current account balance of £6,696.45.


TMG reported progress and offered to help Committee Members with procedures. NW to provide him with a full list.

Cost with technical support was £150pa but subsequently would not need support and would be £12pa.

Access and Moderator details would be publicised to all residents once the system was established.

Items North of The Park

  1. RW reported that Peabody had not repaired the damage to the lock on the bike hangar in St Agnes Close despite repeated efforts. AGREED –
  2. The Association to buy a lock and employ a locksmith out of Community Centre funds.
  3. NW to liaise with RW et al to prepare a draft to CEO.
  4. BB reported that a fire in Gore Road had revealed that fire alarms were not interlinked across maisonettes. NW & BB to contact FRA team
  5. BB reported problems with externals at 107/109 Victoria park Road. BB & NW to investigate.

Items south of The Park

  1. RW reported Bonner Road notice board was still damaged. NW & RW to write to CEO.
  2. TMG reported that the HMO at 17 Robinson Road was void again.

Any Other Business

  1. MD reported that May Day Rooms were seeking material on housing campaigns for archive. AGREED MD should follow up.
  2. JA reported that she had raised our rent concerns at East Forum again.
  3. NW to invite Peabody lead on lettings, transfers etc to next Meeting
  4. Peabody Family Voice and SHAC continue to be useful for a.
  5. Deadline for next Newsletter Monday 1 October.