Committee Meeting 11 April 2019

Committee Meeting 11 April 2019

Present – Joanie Andrews(JA), Chair, Philip Attwood(PA), Bridgette Barker(BB), Norma Francis(NF), Sandra Mcleod(SML), Sheila Parkin(SP),Rosie Walker(RW), Andrew Westcott(AW) & Nik Wood(NW) Apologies for absence- Christine Chaffin, Madeleine Davis, Jamie Duff, Cyril Duff, Mark Guthrie, Mike Lordan & Kevin O’Neil and Peter Mitchell from Peabody.

Minutes of 21 March meeting – Subject to amendment of item 5 to read “…processing cycle hangar rent payments.” – Agreed

Matters arising 1 JA to confirm attendance of Peabody representatives at surgeries and association meetings. 2 Correspondence between AW and Kerslake to be Newsletter item and meeting attendance by Peabody confirmed Bricks and Mortar NW to prepare Newsletter item on; handrails and gates, cabling, works schedule and to confirm issues of scaffolding security in Old Ford Road with Vinci. JA and NW to pursue compensation correspondence with Peabody. Peabody’s Michael Dowling had replied to NW regarding responsibility for repair progressing. NW to prepare a Newsletter item. Peabody had provided the check list of works to be done when voids are made ready for re-letting. NW to respond to Andrew Goodman with concerns about procedures and to prepare Newsletter item.

Christchurch Mark Guthrie had asked that the issue of the parking survey be raised with Peabody and that the issue of identifying which offers at Peabody were responsible for what. JA to write.

Community Centre PA reported that a new IT course for older people was being started. A printer was being purchased. SP and NW offered running costs advice. The charity children With Voices had moved in to the office space and the relationship was proving positive. Arrangement for a coach trip were being started.

Treasurer’s Report Mike Lordan had provided a written report. Expenditure on printing and graphics of £264.60 and subscription income of £65.00 resulted in a balance of £5,229.35 JA asked that a Community Centre financial report be made to the next meeting. Items North & South of The Park Kevin O’Neill had reported that the scaffolding at 234 Old Ford road had been removed and work seemed to be nearly finished without further mishap.

Stock Condition Survey Peabody letter of 9 April was unclear if all surveys already completed by Savills would be done again by Peabody as were the exact homes to be included. NW to write seeking clarification. Sales JA reported the unsatisfactory reply to our letter to Keslake and Sarsfield from Fox. JA to respond after 16th April auction of 17 Robinson result known. The future of 294A Old Ford Road and of 38A Gore Road to be chased up, along with other voids. Thanks were given to SP and Glyn Robbins for monitoring and picketing. Sustainability JA and SML to prepare a newsletter item.

Holloway prison site re-development NW reported a local community meeting he had attended. Key Worker lettings NW had circulated the reply he had had from Peabody’s George Kirby. NW to prepare a Newsletter item and to seek further clarification. Newsletter Copy to reach SML by Monday 29 April.