Present – Chair, Joannie Andrews, Vice Chair, Madeleine Davis, Treasurer, Mike Lordan, Co-Ordinator, Rosie Walker, Community Centre Sub Committee Chair, Philip Attwood, Newsletter Editor, Cyril Duff, Committee Members, Brigette Barker, Christine Chaffin, Norma Francis, Tom McGoldrick, Kevin O’Neill, Andrew Westcott, Nik Wood and 22 residents.

Peabody represented by Peter Mitchell Apologies – Chris Fisher, Mark Guthrie, Jill & John Horwood, Sandra MacLeod, Dave Pattenden and Jenny & Alan Thomas

Elections Chair – Joannie Andrews Vice Chair – Madeleine Davis Treasurer – Mike Lordan Co-Ordinator – Rosie Walker Minutes Secretary – Nik Wood Newsletter Editors – Sandra MacLeod & Cyril Duff Community Centre Sub-Committee Chair – Philip Attwood Christchurch Sub- Committee Chair – Mark Guthrie Members – Bridgette Barker, Jacqui Barnaby, Victor Belcher, Christine Chaffin, Jamie Duff, Norma Francis, Tom McGoldrick, Kevin O’Neill, Sid Shine and Andrew Westcott. All Officers and Members elected unanimously.

Minutes of 2018 AGM Agreed

Chair’s Annual Report. The Chair Joannie Andrews commenced her report by thanking all those on the Executive Committee for their hard work and commitment throughout the year. The work of the Association was a team effort by all those on the EC. She listed the contentious activity areas as being; rents and lettings, sales and external works. She reported that Peabody had agreed with her to make a presentation to us about the development of the Morpeth Road garages at our march meeting. Peter Mitchell’s Drop In sessions would be accompanied by Jill Francis from Vinci’s externals team. She reported that we continue to contribute to Peabody’s East Forum and to the developing Peabody Family Voice organisation and to liaise with Ex-Crown representatives. Joannie was given a heartfelt round of applause.

Financial Annual Report.  Mike Lordan had presented a written report. Income for year, mostly subscriptions and bric-a-brac sale was £485.50. Expenditure, primarily legal advice on sales, printing and website, was £2.015.50. Account balance was £5,500.95. The report was agreed and Mike given a round of applause. Community Centre Sub Committee Annual Report Philip Attwood reported a successful year, mostly continuing and consolidating things such as the lettings for parties and Well Being sessions and a XMas social attended by 50+ people. The Sub Committee and team of volunteers would welcome any further help. He circulated a written accounts report [which the minutes secretary has lost. Can you do the honours on a summary like the one for Mike’s report above please Phil?] The meeting welcomed the report and thanked all concerned for their hard work.

Peabody Report.  Peter Mitchell explained that his Neighbourhood Management role did not cover concerns about the externals works programme but he would ensure they were passed on. Tenants present asked about garden help for elderly neighbours, access to fire alarm over-ride switches and smart meter supplies. Peter was thanked for his work over the year and left the meeting.

Campaign Business.  Madeleine Davis reported the unsatisfactory or non-existent responses we had received from Peabody on our concerns about key worker lettings and rent setting and on sales. Bruce Rowling expressed dismay at the lack of response from HQ and was warmly applauded for his posters on the sales. Joannie reported the same lack of response to our approaches about externals compensation. Further negotiations with Peabody and publicity and political campaigning would be pursued as a priority.

Any Other Business

1 69 Gore Road was still not having its communal areas cleaned after 2 and a half years. Committee to pursue again.

2 The planning application for intrusive development at 45 & 46 Morpeth Road had been rejected as a result of our campaigning. Thanks were given to [Carey] and all who had supported him.