Present – Joannie Andrews (JA) Chair, Madeleine Davis(MD) Vice Chair, Mike Lordan (ML) Treasurer, Cyril Duff(CD), Norma Francis (NF),Tom McGoldrick(TMG),and Nik Wood(NW). Thirteen residents.

From Peabody- Peter Mitchell (PM)Neighbourhood Management, Zahid Hussein, Maxine Jervis & Sheldon Shillingford Externals programme

Apologies – Philip Atwood, Bigette Barker, Sandra Mcleod, Rosie Walker and Iain McLeod, Muriel Purkiss and Maureen [?]

Minutes of June Committee meeting – Agreed

External Decor & Repairs programme

The Peabody Team expanded on the letters from them and Vinci. In discussion the following points were made –

1        The paintwork would be like-for-like. Concern that this had not been discussed beforehand was expressed.

2        Repair to windows would NOT include secondary glazing. JA & NW would continue to pursue with HQ.

3        Scaffolding, front and back, would be needed and would be installed in blocks.

4        [Only communal street doors would be re-painted/repaired. Individual homes’ doors would not.]

5        Internal access to homes would be needed. We stressed the need for consideration of tenants’ need to work to pay the rent.

6        Roof works in Bonner and Old Ford would follow 2 weeks’ notice.

7        Neighbouring freeholders to be informed of works etc.

8        Unsightly and ineffective bird deterrent spikes to be re-considered.

9        In addition to Vinci’s office availability there would be drop in sessions attached to PM’s monthly surgeries and JA & NW would follow up Vinci’s offer of an initial meeting.

FRA Works

Sheldon reported that there were only a couple of hallways still to be completed and that he had had to seek forced entry to three others to complete fire alarm installation.

Decent Homes Works

 Sheldon reported that the works abandoned from this when the FRA started would not be done until the internal stock survey was complete. JA & NW to pursue.

North of The Park

 1        [Overgrown front hedges impeding Gore Road pavement were being trimmed by Peabody.]

2        [Morpeth Road fly tipping and other obstruction to Gore Road access had reached danger point. Alan & Jenny Thomas had had to chase PM and others to obtain action.]

3        Morpeth Road re-development was proceeding. JA & NW to accept Peabody’s offer of a meeting.

4        Repairs to the bike hangar in St Agnes close to be pursued by PM.

South of The Park

1        The Bonner Road notice board was still damaged. PM to pursue.

2        234 Old Ford Road’s developers have been in contact with JA & NW.

Treasurer’s Report

Expenditure of £159, mostly on Website development resulted in a balance of £6,716.45.

ML & TNG to continue to liaise and report on website development.

Community Centre

Closed for August. A financial report would be made to the Chair.

Any Other Business

1        T Brown’s latest letters about annual gas checks were causing confusion again. [What did we agree to do?]

 2        Proposals to make Gore Road one way to be put to ward councillors again [who by?]

3        Parking ban in Gore Road for filming and similar in The Park raised concern. JA meeting TH Mayor.

4        The planning application for 45/46 Morpeth Road has been overturned on legal challenge and returned to Hackney Council for re-consideration. Bruce Rowling and all involved thanked for their efforts.

5        MD had at last received the full policy document of Peabody’s rent setting and increases policy for our intermediate, key worker homes. It provides a basis for work on what follows in 2022 when it ends and should the 3.5% cap be removed.

6        NW had awaited unforthcoming information from Peabody about our concerns on the rent Exchange. NW to draft for JA.

7        UNITE had reported that the Peabody Direct call centre was under threat of being moved out of HQ to Family Mosaic’s Pitsea base with redundancies.