Victoria Park “MakeMore 2018”

Chair of the Victoria Park Community Association which covers Wards in both Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

An event is being organised which is taking place in Victoria Park ‘MakeMore 2018 from Thursday 23 August to Monday 27 August.
Which is in the far field of the West Side of Victoria Park.
In the information sent to residents it states ‘the event may cause residents some disruption, however our aim throughout the
planning process with the local authorities has been to minimise disruption to local residents.’  This morning the generators were
switched on in the early hours of the morning – 5 am.
I have had a number of local residents complaining about the time and noise of the generators.  There is also concern that such a
large part of the West Side of the Park has been taken over by this event.  Is it possible that the organisers to do turn on the
generators so early in the morning?  It used to be that any work start after 8.00 am.  We have a Bank Holiday weekend coming
up  people look forward to having a restful holiday – not woken in the early hours.  They also take advantage of using the park for
the family and picnics etc, which is impossible with the area being used for the MakeMore event.  I know that we cannot stop the event
but at least the noise can be restricted.
Joannie A Andrews
Victoria Park Community Association